3 Banks Offering Sign-up Bonuses For The Military

Uncle Sam can make it hard for military families to get the money they deserve. Thankfully, banks are ready to give you the money you want today, just for signing up. Banks like Chase are now offering up to $600 just for opening accounts. With more and more military families signing up for checking and savings accounts each year, banks are competing to give service members and veterans the most cash possible for opening a checking or savings account.

Instead of spending thousands on lavish marketing campaigns to attract consumers, banks are simply handing customers the cash themselves. Here are some of the highest paying checking and savings accounts you can open today that offer sign-up bonuses.

Chase Military Banking Program – $300 Bonus

Chase is now offering special banking programs for all current service members and veterans on their personal and business checking accounts. (1) You can also get $300 when you open a Chase Premier Plus Checking Account with direct deposit.

With Chase’s Military Banking Program, you can open a checking account have no minimum balance requirements with no monthly service fees, which other consumers must pay.

Citi Online Checking and Savings Account – $600 Bonus

With over 60,000 ATMs nationwide, Citi Bank is now offering up to $600 to open a Citi Online Checking and Savings Account. Now, consumers who deposit $50,000 by 3/31/19 can get $600 just for opening an account. (2) Citi Bank does not require a minimum balance and does not carry a monthly fee.

Customers can opt-in to open the account and receive the $600 bonus, as long as the $50,000 balance is deposited into the account within 60 calendar days of the account’s opening. Citi’s mobile app also makes it easy to connect your other banking accounts, even if they’re with other banks.

PNC Bank – $200 Bonus

In order to bring in more account holders, PNC Bank is now offering a generous sign-up bonus of $200 for opening a checking or savings account. (3) This account only requires a deposit of $2,000 at the time of opening. Customers must also make 10 transactions on their PNC Bank Debit Card.

PNC also provides reimbursements for customers who use ATMs to withdraw money from their account. PNC Bank account holders also get discounts on safe deposit boxes at their local branches.

Now more than ever, it’s easy to get paid for opening a checking account. Instead of letting your funds sit and depreciate, keep your money safe in a checking or savings account that keeps your money safe and accessible.

To start your search for the best military sign-up bonuses,
be sure to also conduct research online on all the various high-interest and high-yield savings accounts available and decide which is best for you. After all, nobody should ignore a $600 sign-up bonus. Search for the latest savings account offers, compare interest rates, and find the account that pays you the most.

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1- moneysmylife.com/chase-military-promotion/

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