4 Savings Accounts Worth Signing Up For RIGHT NOW!

Why do big banks constantly offer new incentives to customers? Banks want your business! If you open a savings account with a bank, you are much more likely to use their other services. Getting customers to open a savings account is a bank’s first step to winning your unconditional loyalty when it comes to credit cards, loans, and even investment options.

This is why banks attempt to entice customers with cash offers, special promotions, and bonuses. And you shouldn’t let their cash offers go to waste. Here are some of the highest yielding savings accounts that can earn you money right away.

Chase Bank: Up to $300 Cash Bonus

If you’re able to open a savings account at your local Chase bank branch by you can earn $300 in cash sign up bonuses with a $25,000 deposit. Another offer from Chase allows consumers to get $225 for free if they make a deposit of $15,000. (1)

If you have at least $10,000, you can earn $150 from Chase for maintaining the balance for a period of 90 days. If you decide to combine the $200 Total Checking account bonus, you’ll walk out with $350. This offer expires after January and consumers can earn 60,000 reward points by opening a Chase Sapphire card.

However, Chase bank only offers consumers .01% interest on their funds, and requires a minimum deposit of $25 accompanied by a monthly fee of $5 per account, unless the consumers have over $300 as a minimum daily balance. (2)

Discover Online Savings Account :$150 or $200 bonus

Discover’s online savings account is offering up to $200 for consumers who deposit by 1/31/19. Discover has always been transparent when it comes to fees and charges, and this savings account has no minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees.

Unlike Chase, however, Discover’s savings account can pay upwards of 2.0% interest on all deposited funds, a large sum compared to Chase’s .01% interest rate paid out to consumers. Interest for consumers enrolled in Discover’s online savings account is also compounded daily and paid out on a monthly basis. (2)

Capital One Bank: $200 bonus

Until March 31st, consumers are eligible to receive up to $200 through Capital One’s Money Market account. In order to qualify a consumer must:

Have not opened a Capital One savings account since January 2016
Deposit at least $10,000

The offer code to receive the signup bonus through capital one is (OFFER200). The 360 Money Market account also pays 2.00% interest APY to those savers who have at least $10,000 in funds in their savings accounts. (3)

In 2019, it’s time to start earning. Thankfully, opening a savings account can help you get on the right track. Instead of letting your money sit and lose value with depreciation, consider opening a savings account that makes you money.

Some banks, such as TD Bank may offer consumers multiple incentives and signup bonuses. However, most consumers are unable to qualify for multiple bonuses at the same time within the same bank. These bonus payouts are usually only available to those who are interested in opening a new savings account.

To get started, research all of the various high-interest and high-yield savings accounts online. After all, you shouldn’t waste great perks like a $200 sign up bonus with 2.00% APY. Search online for the latest savings account offers, compare interest rates and fees, and find the account that will pay you the most.


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