5 Reasons Why Minivans Are Actually the Perfect Car

If you’ve been in the market for a new vehicle, you probably aren’t considering a minivan. People tend to have a negative connotation when it comes to minivans, but that’s only because most drivers do not realize that a van is a great option.

Although many of us cringe at these utility vehicles, there is a reason that there are so many on the road – they are actually great cars that can be utilized to do anything. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a minivan for your next car.

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Minivans are a Great Bargain

Although minivans may not be the “hottest” car on the street, they still have some demand from families and smart drivers. However, most consumers are not rushing to their local dealership to pick up the latest and greatest minivan, which means you can oftentimes find great deals.

While minivans are more expensive than standard sedans, most dealerships, whether new or used, are willing to negotiate on prices and additional services. From discounts to special financing offers, minivans can be a great deal for your wallet.

They Are Cheap to Insure

Insurance companies employ statisticians and other analytical specialists to determine exactly how much “risk” of an accident or claim a certain make and model of a car pose. Minivans have always been considered one of the least risky cars on the road for a multitude of reasons.

Minivans tend to score higher than most cars in safety ratings, are less prone to being stolen, and tend to be less involved in major rollover accidents. Drivers who purchase a minivan can see savings of up to $300 per year, thanks to their vehicle choice. (1)

Minivans Can Haul

Many of us enjoy a weekend getaway with family and friends. Often times, Americans end up buying a large expensive truck to pull their trailers or toys to their getaway destination, Minivans are adaptable, and some can tow massive amounts. For instance, you can find a Ford E-350 with the infamous 7.3L diesel engine that can tow upwards of 11,000 lbs while haling 9 to 15 passengers. Instead of opting for a expensive truck, consider a heavy duty minivan. (2)

Minivans Pack Extra Storage

Since their introduction by Chrysler in the 1980’s, minivans have been ideal for families needing extra space. Whether you buy in bulk at the grocery store or need extra space for the kids and adult passengers, a minivan provides ample space. Most standard minivans can fit upwards of 8 passengers while still having large amounts of trunk space.

To add additional space, you can even remove the seats. Van companies recognize that families will use their minivan for a variety of reasons and thus have made it easy to remove and add second row and third row seats.

Minivans are Designed for Trips

If you and your family opt to drive on long road trips or vacations, a minivan is the perfect choice. They are designed to provide ample amounts of space for all their passengers, including any cargo or luggage.

Another great advantage of minivans is that they are usually loaded with a wide variety of features that make it easier for everybody on a long road trip. Today’s newest minivans come with advanced infotainment features and sometimes even WIFI. Rest assured you can expect less fights and tension between your kids in a minivan with WIFI and TV.

Final Thoughts

All in all, minivans can almost be defined as the perfect car. With their affordable pricing, ample space, and features, you should consider one for you next purchase. Start your search today. 

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