How Businesses are Saving Thousands by Cancelling Their Phones

Take a quick look around your office and see how many pieces of technology you’re using that hasn’t been meaningfully updated for 150 years. When you do this, don’t skip your landline telephones.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, and while there have been some additions made to the “user experience” since then, the basic technology remains very close to what Bell used for that first-ever phone call to Watson; a receiver/transmitter on each end of a wire.

Chances are that your landline business phone is the most dated technology you use daily. Now, think about how much your office’s productivity and daily operations have improved since computers were introduced into your industry to replace manual typewriters, carbon paper, and fountain pens.

Let’s look at some of the benefits you’re missing by not updating your business to VOIP technology.

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Business VOIP

The Big One…Money

This is the most obvious benefit of making the switch from landline phones. VOIP is cheaper than conventional phone service…MUCH cheaper, both from the standpoint of your monthly bill and in terms of upkeep.

Long-distance fees, while being less of an issue for some these days, are no issue at all with VOIP. And while no system is 100% problem-free, VOIP is extremely close. (1)


Anywhere you have internet, you have phone service that’s usable with conventional phone hardware. Plug a VOIP converter into any computer’s USB port, then plug any conventional telephone into the converter, and you’re ready to make calls.

This means that, if you take the converter with you, your office phone number will travel with you anywhere in the world. Imagine being in Los Angeles and answering any calls made to your New York office with no hassle, no having to remember to forward your calls and no details to remember, and you’ll start to see just some of the benefits VOIP will give your business.


Having the ability to take your office phone with you anywhere in the world, the additional features of VOIP are equally impressive. For example, your VOIP phone will allow you to have video conference calls. All over the world, you can look your clients, co-workers, and prospects in the eye and take care of business.

We increasingly live in a “video” world, and video conferencing is a fantastic way to position yourself as a modern company that has the tools and ability to take care of business for your clients no matter what.

This is an impression that can pay dividends in your business.

Also, VOIP can reduce your costs in an unexpected way, as it can give you the ability to receive faxes through email, eliminating much of the costs associated with fax technology like paper and printer ink costs. (2)

Is My Business Big Enough to Benefit From VOIP?

The answer is “definitely”. While many larger companies have been making the switch to VOIP in recent years, there has been some resistance among owners of smaller businesses. This reluctance is because of several things, but the biggest reason is uncertainty.

Your phone service is an incredibly important part of your business; for many, if your phone service doesn’t work, your business grinds to a halt.

However, as the technology has improved over the decades, VOIP has become a very reliable method of providing your company with that lifeline to the world that you need. And, unlike traditional phone service, there are no phone thousands of miles of phone lines to break and no switching box to malfunction; if you have internet, you have phone service.

VOIP is easy enough to implement for a smaller business that many times an expert isn’t even required. With it’s simple “plug and play” set up, VOIP can be quick to switch to and even easier to maintain. A larger business would most likely want an expert to integrate VOIP into their existing phone system, but a smaller business should have no trouble doing it themselves.

You may be surprised when you do your research to find out how much money you could be saving every year by switching to VOIP. Check into your options today!

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