Affordable Luxury Travel

6 Surprisingly Inexpensive Luxury Travel Ideas

Travel is a rewarding experience for many people, but sometimes your dreams and your budget might conflict. Or so you…

cruise ship

What Cruise Lines Do to Sell Their Unused Cabins

Cruise companies, just like every other business out there, want to fill their cruise lines. Unsold cruise cabins, directly and…

travel website

Why Americans are using these websites for cheap travel

During vacations and holidays, you want to quickly get out of your busy 9-5 work life, go to some cool…

Cruise Ship

Think a Cruise Is Too Expensive? Read This First

Being savvy and smart about your cruise can save you a few bucks. Unless you come from the upper social…

Business Class

How to Upgrade Your Flights for Pennies on the Dollar

Airline fees could be exorbitantly high but if you know your way, you could get them on a comfort scale.…

Cheap Flights

How to find Cheap Flights Online

We all agree, flights could be really costly, especially if you don’t know where and how to search for cheap…

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