Fall Pickup Deals Best of the Year

Thanks to an overestimate of sales figures, automakers are now stuck with more trucks than they can sell. This has led hundreds of dealerships to drastically cut the cost of nearly all of this model year’s trucks.

Now, it’s easier than ever for consumers to get financing for their next truck at some of the lowest rates in modern history. Some carmakers have no choice but to lose money on cars just so they can sell them. Chances are, there is a dealership like this right next to you!

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But how do you find the best deals on trucks in your area? The most effective way is to research online in advance. We put our research and development department to the task and this is what we came up with below. 

With so many average consumers buying trucks for non-commercial purposes, automakers have forged a new path for pickups in 2018, loading them with features and creature comforts anyone will enjoy.  It can seem daunting to choose which truck is right for you, so we went ahead and ranked the latest 2018 trucks based on tow capacity, reliability, and usability below:
Thanks to a massive amount of competition, many dealerships across the country are stuck with trucks that must be sold to make room for new models. With the year coming to a close, manufacturers are in a crunch to sell, and often will do so at massive discounts.

The Truck Craze

If you have been waiting patiently to find the right deal on a truck, now is the time to find one you can afford!

Last year, manufacturers noticed that consumers wanted more from their trucks. To meet demand, many truck makers started to equip their trucks with premium features such as leather seating, wood trim, and premium sound systems.

Nearly all trucks from this year will come standard with state of the art features such as an easy to use infotainment system and backup cameras. Truck makers spent billions of dollars on efforts to attract consumers to their trucks with these state-of-the-art features. Now, these trucks must be sold in the next 2 months.

How to Get Your Next Truck Dirt Cheap

Thanks to some major shifts in the marketplace, dealers are more willing than ever to sell you a truck at an extremely low price. Every day, thousands of consumers give back their truck leases. This has left many dealerships with barely used trucks that have extremely low mileage that must be sold.

Here are Some Real Examples:

You can get a Nissan Titan with 0% financing with up to $10,687 in savings. The payments would only be $279/month. (1)

Ford has just announced that they are offering the versatile F-150 for just $189/mo, almost $100/mo less than the start of the year. (2)

GMC has also announced in the last week that they are offering the acclaimed GMC Canyon for just $269/mo. A $95 discount since the start of the year. (3)

The battle between car manufacturers is real, with many dealerships being forced to almost give cars away at cost!

How to Get Into Your New Truck Today

Even though many truck makers are losing money and willing to sell cars at a loss, you should still take some time to find the best deal in your area. Our team has spent weeks researching these deals and have created a list of the best deals in your area below.

Researching online is a great way to find the best deal possible since many internet prices do not get advertised anywhere else!

Ready for your new truck?

So if you’ve been wishing to find a new truck you can afford, now is the time!

In the next few months, the rates and prices will rise back up, so start searching now!

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