Four of the Top Medical Alarms for Seniors Today

Many senior citizens live on their own as they value their independence. They may be completely alone, having lost a partner, or live with a senior partner. At the same time, the elderly are more prone to medical emergencies like falls and other problems, requiring an immediate medical response. Thanks to a medical alert device or medical alarm, their risks are reduced and both you and elderly parents have greater peace of mind.

Called a personal emergency response system or PERS, the medical alarm can actually prove a life-saver in medical emergencies as the system guarantees a response. These devices are available in different configurations and types and you can choose one that fits with your requirements.

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Which are the Top Medical Alarms Available?

Here are some details of the high-quality medical alarms that will give you peace of mind:

Medical Guardian – This manufacturer has a wide range of medical alarms available like Freedom Guardian, a wearable smartwatch that offers a two way messaging service, Classic Guardian, a home device that integrates with your landline, Home Guardian, another device that does not require a landline, Mobile Guardian that is GPS and Wi-Fi enabled and Active Guardian that is an all-in-one device.

They offer wrist buttons, pendants, and other wearable systems so that the senior always has the device on his or her person because an emergency can strike at any time and any place. Their pricing ranges from $29.95 to $79.95 a month.

GetSafe – Some of the attractive features of this device are that it can fit in most homes and it is voice activated. It consists of a base communication console along with a number of buttons in a standalone device. The button devices can be placed in different places around the home, particularly where falls are likely such as stairs, bathroom, kitchen, hallway or passages. You can get a wearable medical alert button if you want as well. When you call for help it is monitored by a 24/7 monitoring center so you are assured of on-call help.

This medical alert system is available in a range of options and prices to suit your accommodation from the starter that is best for a small or one bedroom house to the standard that is meant for a two-three bedroom house to the large one that fits a four-five bedroom house. The equipment costs $99 to $359 and the monitoring is an additional $25 a month.

ResponseNow – The company has two different devices to choose from. The first is Belle, a wearable pendant with an in-built sim card so you can make a call at any time directly from the device. It is shower-proof so can be taken inside the bathroom as well. The only caveat with this device is that you need to be in an area with cell-phone coverage.

Their In The Home system has a home-based console that is plugged into the home landline and an electric outlet. It also comes with a wearable pendant that is worn around the neck or on the wrist for greater safety. You can also choose additional safety with the automatic fall detection pendant that does not require the user to even press the button. These medical alert devices are monitored so a ResponseNow operator will call any pre-designated number or medical services.

QMedic – A smart medical device that the user wears constantly, it is small and waterproof. It comes with a base station that offers two-way communication and quick response. It comes in three variations: landline medical alert, cellular medical alert or GPS medical alert. On pressing the button, the calls are routed to emergency numbers or to the call center of the company.

While any of these is a good option for independent and active seniors, it can also be used by those who are disabled or even blind thanks to its ease of use. The price ranges from $30 to $45 monthly.

If you need a medical alert device for any elderly relatives, don’t wait, but get one now.

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