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How Americans Are Expanding Their Homes with Self Storage

Have too many things in your home but not enough room? One solution could be to buy a bigger house or add a storage room as a home extension – but this can be extremely expensive and time consuming for most of us.

A far more efficient solution to your storage dilemma is renting a self storage unit. Self storage makes it easy to securely store your extra items and valuables without having to worry about the lack of space in your home. If you’re ready to make some extra room in your home with self storage, there are a few things to consider.

A self storage facility

What is Self Storage?

A self storage facility rents out individual storage spaces or “units” to consumers, typically on a month-to-month basis. You can find storage units in any size to meet your needs, including spaces as small as 2×5’ or as large as 30×30’. Self storage facilities also offer parking or storage for your boat, RV, or extra car.

Typically, most storage units are located inside a large multi-story warehouse. Renters can typically choose the floor that they rent on, with the bottom floor units costing slightly more than the top floors. Drive-up ground units are the most convenient storage units, as you can literally drive up to your personal unit, but they also cost slightly more than their counterparts.

Why Use Self Storage?

Self storage facilities offer consumers many benefits over a backyard shed or storing valuables in an unprotected garage. One major advantage to a storage facility is that your items will always remain secure and under 24/7 surveillance. Most storage facilities also have a staff member that lives on-site at all times to ensure your items are kept safe.

Many facilities will also have advanced security and surveillance cameras to ensure your property remains secure. Additionally, consumers can use or purchase their own lock for their unit, so you never have to wait to be let in.

Facilities can also offer customers 24/7 access to their unit each and every day, including some holidays.

Using self storage can be extremely helpful in the following situations:

Your Home is Full

Having a self storage unit to take your possessions to can make your home more open. Often times, it can be hard to throw away something you know you’ll need to use at a later time. With self storage, you can ensure that you can keep everything you want without having to clutter your home.

With the added security and protection a storage facility offers, you can sleep knowing your possessions are in good hands.

You’ve Gotten Divorced

Often times, getting divorced can mean changing your living situation. If you have recently gotten divorced and are searching for a place to live, keeping large items such as couches and tables in storage can be ideal. If you are moving into a smaller space such as an apartment or condo, a self storage unit can help give you the space you need to settle in comfortably.

Settling into your new living situation can take time, and chances are, you’ll want to move back into a larger home eventually. Keeping your items in a secured self storage facility can be an affordable way to ensure you’ll have your items when you need them.

Keep Valuables Safe

Many of us own valuables, including family heirlooms, artworks, or other things you just don’t feel safe keeping at home. These valuable items such as old paintings and wines, can benefit from being stored in a dark and temperature controlled room. Most self storage facilities offer climate-controlled units for those of us that need them.

Keep Vehicles Safe

At a self storage facility, you can store more than just household items. Most storage facilities have dedicated parking for consumers looking to store vehicles long-term. These vehicles can include normal cars and trucks, RVs, campers, and even boats.

Keeping an old car or boat in a self storage facility can help free up valuable space all while helping you improve the appearance of your home.

Self storage facilities are a popular choice for those who have weekend cars, trailers, or any power sports vehicle that needs to be parked.

Final Note

A self storage facility can give you not only the space, but the peace of mind you need. Renting a cheap self storage unit is a great solution for those of us that have run out of room for the things we own but still cherish. With thousands of self storage facilities in each state, there’s bound to be an affordable storage facility near you.

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