Hybrid Car Prices Fall

Getting a great deal on a fuel-sipping hybrid may seem too good to be true. But there has never been a better time than right now to buy with hybrid car prices where they are. Thanks to increased competition in the hybrid sector along with excess inventory, dealerships are now forced to sell their hybrids at rock bottom prices.

If you have considered purchasing a hybrid, acting now can save you substantially. With excess inventory on their hands, automakers have begun to spend heavily on online advertising, meaning that the best deals may not be in your local paper. 

During our research for this article, we came up with this information that should be able to save time and money.


Chances are, there is a dealership in your area looking to sell their hybrids at record low prices. Owning a hybrid is just like a regular car, except you can save thousands on fuel expenses yearly.

As more and more of 2019’s hybrids roll across the factory lines, dealerships are forced to sell more cars at a significant discount. Manufacturers have been faced with thousands of cars in excess inventory, all of which must be sold in order to make room for the 2019 model year hybrids.

Dealerships are required to meet certain sales goals and must do so by selling off all their 2018 hybrids at a near loss.

So what does this mean for you? You can now get a fuel-efficient hybrid at a lower price with many more additional features than before. Some manufacturers are offering incentives anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 cash back on some models. (1)

With increasing competition, automakers manufactured hybrids with the top of the line features and options, including an infotainment system, premium sound, and leather seating to help them stand out from the rest. With so many options available at nearly free prices, your hybrid can also double as a luxury car

Why Buy a Hybrid?

In recent years, consumers have begun to shift their interest to more fuel-efficient cars, which brings us to the hybrid. Hybrids use both a conventional motor and a battery pack to move the car. The end result – thousands of dollars saved in fuel costs. Hybrids can easily reach 55 MPG, which can save you big at the pump. Many consumers report that the fuel savings pay for the car itself.(2)

How to Find the Best Deals

Don’t wait until the discounts are gone- in the future, you’ll end up spending more money for the same exact car with fewer features.

If you always wanted to drive a hybrid and save big on fuel expenses, you can pick up a hybrid at record low prices. The current auto market is making hybrids much more affordable than ever, but this won’t last forever. Start researching online below to take advantage of every available incentive you can.

Instead of sitting by, do research online and find the best deals in your area. Our research and development team have listed all of the hybrid deals in your local area below. These are the only links we could find to these once-in-a-lifetime deals, so do not lose this page!

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(2) https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/2019-honda-insight-hybrid-new-york-auto-show/

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