Three Reasons Seniors Are Choosing Medical Alert Devices

Medical alert devices are small electronic gadgets that are worn on the body that once activated; notify family members, friends and health physicians of a medical emergency. The devices are a small, lightweight, and waterproof gadget which is operated by simply by pressing a button. They can easily be worn around the neck or on a wristband. There are numerous benefits to buying a medical alert device, the most important of which are listed below.

Medical Alert Button

Medical alert devices are typically used by elderly people, but they are equally essential for people suffering from life-threatening and debilitating diseases such as asthma, neurological issues, heart problems, fainting, allergies, epilepsy, and various other medical disorders.

  • Increases the Odds of Recovery

It has been proven that medical attention provided to the person within the first crucial 90 minutes of a stroke, fall or a heart attack, dramatically increases their odds of recovery(1). The good news is that the average response time of the medical alert device is between 30 to 45 seconds, which makes sure emergency personnel can be on hand very quickly.

  • Provides a Sense of Security

Undoubtedly, the use of medical alert device provides a sense of security to not only the patient but their family as well. They feel secure and protected as they have direct access to the emergency services. Studies have found that the use of these electronic gadgets has helped in significantly reducing the mortality rate.

  • Offers Other Beneficial Features

With the advancement in technology over the years, these systems have improved substantially. Apart from making users feel safe and secure, these medical devices come equipped with other useful features to make their lives even simpler.

Some of the features of a medical alert device include monthly test call reminders, remote call answering, automatic voice to voice communication and adjustable volume controls. Now there is no need to worry since it can remind you of your medicines and your health check-up appointments.

How Do Medical Alert Devices Work?

A medical alert device makes use of advanced information technology to provide assistance to people with emergency needs. In general, a typical device comes with an amplified speaker, a large button, extra sensitive microphone, and wristband.

It can be worn as a pendant or a wristband. In the event of an emergency, the device is activated by pressing the push button. It, then, sends signals to the emergency medical alert monitoring center through the telephone lines. An emergency correspondent directly communicates with the user and determines the kind of help needed. The center will then send an ambulance, local medical staff, police, fire or other services as required.

Get Your Peace of Mind with a Medical Alert Device

Medical alert devices not only ensure safety but also help to give users peace of mind. Those who use them have the assurance that help is available nearby in case of an emergency. Also, caregivers will know that their loved ones are safe at home. Unfortunately, despite the advantages medical alert devices can provide many people are not making use of them.

Remember, timely medical care can provide quick assistance to your loved one. Help a senior get one today, Start Your Search Now!

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(1) American Heart Association. Recommendation to Develop Strategies to Increase the Number of ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients With Timely Access to Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Circulation. 2006; 113:2152-2163.

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