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The 3 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of spending time shaving or waxing your body hair, it may be time to consider laser hair removal. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States, laser hair removal is safe, effective, and also extremely affordable.

Laser hair removal is the long term solution for your unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal procedures have been conducted in the United States for decades, and are the only effective FDA-approved long term solution for unwanted body hair. (1)

If you’re ready to save hours of time and money on waxing and shaving products, there are a few things to know about laser hair removal.

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A Low-Cost Solution for Hair

With the advancements in laser technology that has taken place over the last 3 decades, a laser hair removal session may cost you as much as a single salon waxing or a box of disposable razors.

However, laser hair removal is extremely cost-effective in the long run when compared to traditional solutions like razors. Over time, the cost of products needed to remove unwanted body hair can add up significantly.

According to sources, one simple waxing session may cost you anywhere from $25-$100, which can add up over time, especially if you’re getting waxes a few times per month (2). For just two waxes per month at $50 each, you are facing a $1,200 expense each year, not including the time spent driving and sitting while the waxing is being done.

Shaving is also no different, as a study conducted by the American Laser Centers found that the average person will spend $10,207 in their lifetime buying razors to shave unwanted body hair. (3)

Although a laser hair removal treatment may have an up front cost, it can help you save a great deal of money down the road. According to sources, the average cost experienced by consumers for complete laser hair removal hovers around $200-$350 when completed. (4)

Advances in Technology

Lasers for cosmetic use have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1950s. Now, the procedure can target hair follicles precisely, making it by far the most effective method to dealing with unwanted body hair. With a laser, you won’t ever have to worry about irritation, pigmentation, or missing patches of hair.

Shaving and waxing can often lead to red bumps, ingrown hairs, and more. A professional with experience in laser hair removal will ensure that your skin comes out perfectly smooth and hairless.

Laser hair removal has emerged as the most effective and fastest way to get rid of body hair. For smaller areas, such as your underarms or upper lip, you will only need to spend a few moments with the laser. A larger area, such as your entire back, could take up to an hour.

When receiving your laser hair removal procedure, you won’t have to lift a finger. During this time, the laser professional may give you relaxing music to listen to, or you may just talk to your clinician while they perform the procedure.

Effective laser hair removal only takes a few sessions to see the final results, and it can completely eliminate the need for you to shave daily or every other day. Laser hair removal also saves you time from shaving and waxing.

There’s No Waiting Period

With laser hair removal, it doesn’t matter how much hair you have or how much has grown. In some cases, and depending on your situation, the clinician may ask you to shave beforehand as well.

Thanks to advancements in laser technology, you can get your hair removed any time you wish. When you are forced to wax, you’ll need to wait for a few days for the hairs to begin to reappear. Recipients can also shave between treatments before the full effects kick in.

Final Note

Laser hair removal is much more affordable than you may think, and a single session can cost you less than waxing. With just one or even a few sessions, you will never have to worry about shaving or waxing your unwanted body hair again. Laser hair removal is always done by a professional, so you’ll never have to worry about mistakes or missed patches. All in all, laser hair removal is a cost-effective and affordable solution to unwanted body hair.

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