Unsold Luxury Vehicles Force Price Drops

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a luxury car but thought you couldn’t afford it, think again. Auto manufacturers have been forced to slash new luxury car prices to rock bottom levels.

Thanks to increasing competition and a massive amount of excess inventory, dealerships are scrambling to sell their luxury cars at some of the lowest prices ever recorded. This means that thousands of consumers are getting into luxury cars for the same price they would have paid for a basic car.

As 2019’s newest releases come onto the showroom floor, prices on current model year cars are continuing to drop each and every day. Dealerships are scrambling to hit certain sales numbers and make room for next year’s models.

So what does this mean for you? You can get into a luxury car with the latest and greatest features at a significant discount. Some manufacturers have already begun to offer incentives totaling $5,000 in cash rebates for some models(1)!

These conditions have come together to form the “perfect storm”. Smart consumers have already taken advantage of this storm to secure amazingly low prices from dealers who are just as willing to give you an offer you can’t refuse!

You Can Afford a Luxury Car Too!

We may not ever come across a more favorable time to buy a new luxury car than now. Thousands of consumers are returning their leases to the dealership each day, leaving dealers with record numbers of low mileage luxury cars needing to be sold.

How to find the Best deals

If you end up waiting this period out, you will end up spending more money on the same exact car in just a few months. Instead, we highly encourage you to do your own research and find out which deals are available in your area.

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