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Want to Know if You’re Royalty? Here’s How

Have you ever wondered where your family history traces back to and who your ancestors were? Our understanding of genetics and history has come a long way in recent years. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing first came to the market about a decade ago.

Modern-day DNA testing can easily allow you to pinpoint your heritage and entire family history over centuries. DNA tests can also help shed some light into your personal health and whether or not you are pre-dispositioned to any genetic diseases. Plus, all of this can be done from the comfort of your own home!

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DNA Testing Takes Less Time

Today’s DNA tests are far more accurate and cover a much longer period of time than an old drawer full of family archives can. All you would need to provide is a small sample of saliva. You simply collect the saliva with a cotton swab and place it inside of the plastic container sent by the testing company.

Be sure to follow the exact instructions included in the packaging before you send it off to Ancestry or 23&Me. After four to six weeks, you can expect to learn everything there is to know about your heritage and ethnicity.

Now, it’s easier than ever to get a deeper understanding of your ethnic heritage based on statistics provided by databases and other users from around the world who have also submitted samples for analysis. You may find that you are less American or European than you think. Many times, users can trace their heritage to multiple ethnic groups around the world.

The sites that provide you with your test results will also show you bits of helpful information that can help you learn more about who you are as a person, where your ancestors came from, and more. Some sites even provide matches with possible distant relatives from all around the world. Many users soon find out that there is an entire extension of your family that has never been known to exist before.

Learn More About Your Health

While learning about the various ethnic groups that make up who you are sounds exciting, most users often overlook one important benefit of ancestry tests: Now, users are able to learn more about any health-related conditions they may be pre-dispositioned to.

It can be extremely helpful to learn any conditions you might be susceptible to. This knowledge can help you by ensuring that you get tested regularly for certain health-related issues that you became aware of thanks to your ancestry test results.

This test can ultimately help you in becoming a healthier person by informing you of these conditions. This information can also be passed down to your children to ensure they never have complications from an avoidable genetic condition. In certain cases of severe conditions, you can trace genetic diseases in your lineage to find answers to any complicated health problems you may be facing.

Genetics can tell us a lot, and often times, we may not be prepared to hear some of the results. You may take the test only to find out about an unexpected paternity. You may also discover that the diseases you are genetically susceptible to have no cures, like Alzheimer’s disease, which can only leave you stressed for the future.

Getting Started

Depending on the testing company, you will provide a saliva sample by following the instructions of the test kit. You must not smoke or drink liquids 30 minutes before providing the saliva sample. Once the sample is sent off to companies like Ancestry or 23&Me, you can expect your test results to come back in six weeks or less (1). These companies offer easy-to-use online portals for customers to view their results and to learn more about their heritage.

You can learn more about your ethnic heritage based on statistics that are often compiled from population history and other data points. These genealogy websites can provide you with information related to your family.

It is important to note that these test results are based on statistical estimates, which means that you should think twice before starting an argument with a family member or relative on what ethnicity you are and which ones you aren’t. It’s time to find out who you really are using the latest in scientific methods.

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