Why Manufacturers are Dropping Prices on Luxury Vehicles

Many of us think that finding a great deal on a luxury vehicle is too good to be true. However, there has never been a better time to get into a new luxury vehicle at rock-bottom prices than today. Since luxury automakers have the highest profit margins, they also give the greatest discounts, especially towards the end of the year.

Why are car manufacturers offering their luxury cars at record low prices? This is because many dealerships are left with excess inventory thanks to shifts in demand plus increased competition in the luxury sector.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into a luxury car, acting now could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars. Here is what you should think about when contemplating a purchase. 

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Do not fall into the trap of paying retail price for your next car

If you step back and take a look at what’s happening in the world of car companies, you can see why they are slashing prices.

With an influx of cars waiting to come onto the dealership lots for 2019, luxury carmakers are scrambling to try and sell more cars- and they have to do so for much less than retail MSRP. Dealerships are facing an inventory crisis, with inventories beginning to pile up all across the nation.

Thousands of consumers are also returning their luxury car leases back to the dealership. Meaning that you can also snag a great deal on an ultra-low mileage luxury car that is in like new condition.

So what does all of this mean for you? You can finally get into the luxury car you’ve always wanted at the lowest recorded prices ever. Some manufacturers are even providing incentives totaling nearly $5,000 in cash back rebates on some certain models.

Think you can’t afford a luxury car? Think again!

Thanks to excess inventory, there are thousands of dealerships desperate to sell their luxury cars. Some luxury dealerships are also offering 0% financing with payments as little as $300 per month!(1)

Automotive experts have stated on multiple occasions that there may never be a better market for car buyers than right now. Smart consumers have already started to take advantage of incredibly low prices from dealerships that are desperate to sell.

Where to Find the Best Deals

Don’t sit by and watch these deals go  – you could end up spending more money on the same exact car.

Even though many luxury car makers and dealers are offering unheard of deals on their inventory, you should still do some work to find the best prices. Searching for deals online is your best bet, as many dealerships do not advertise internet price anywhere else.

If you have always wanted to drive a luxury car but never thought you could afford one, right now is the time to act and save big. The market is making luxury cars more affordable than ever before for just a limited amount of time.

Our research and development team has compiled a list of dealerships in your local area below. We have not been able to find links to these amazing offers anywhere else, so do not lose this page!

Ready to start driving? Start your search today!


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(1) http://m.acura.com/RDX/Offers/66444-TB3H3DJNW

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