Why Nurses Are Getting Advanced Degrees

It is a well-known fact that the healthcare field it’s growing at a rapid rate year-over-year in the United States. This growth in healthcare has also led to a great demand for skilled nurses. Now, thousands of nurses are advancing their nursing careers by getting an advanced nursing degree online. If you are ready to take the next step in your nursing career, here’s what you’ll need to know.


Advanced Nursing Degrees

Graduate-level nursing degrees include master’s degrees that can be earned online and will give you a far higher income than an undergraduate nursing degree. The average salary of a nurse with an advanced degree is $94,000 per year, with salaries being higher in larger cities. (1)

Each year, thousands of nurses are going back to school to become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. Simply put, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) is a nurse that has earned a graduate-level degree. (2)

With an advanced nursing degree, you can progress your career to become more focused in a nursing practice that gives you a higher level of autonomy. You will also have the opportunity to serve a wide variety of patient populations and gain an understanding in ethics, public health, team leadership, and other clinical skills.

By getting your advanced nursing degree online, you will still have a highly flexible schedule and be able to work while you learn. Additionally, getting an advanced degree online is far less expensive than attending a traditional university. Not only can you save on tuition costs, but also on transportation costs and other typical educational expenses.

Benefits of an Advanced Nursing Degree

With an advanced nursing degree, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of specialties and even become an expert in your field. Getting your advanced degree in nursing can also give you a better salary and benefits.

Some of the more common advanced nursing degrees include:

Critical Care Nurses

A critical care nurse assists patients who are in life-threatening situations. These nurses typically practice in hospitals and emergency rooms, although they are in high demand at a wide variety of health care offices. Not only is a critical care nurse a rewarding career, but it can also offer you increased financial compensation over your current nursing salary.

Clinical Nurse Leaders

A clinical nurse leader is typically an advanced generalist registered nurse that has a high degree of competence and education when it comes to nursing care. Clinical nurse leaders are typically assigned a specific number of patients and oversee those patient’s healthcare as a team alongside other nurses. As a clinical nurse leader, you will be responsible to utilize evidence-based practices to ensure your patients benefit from the latest in healthcare innovations.

Perinatal Nurse

As a perinatal nurse, you will specialize in women’s and family medicine. A perinatal has a focus on care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and post-delivery. Perinatal nurses will work in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including clinical, hospitals, and even at home care agencies. They focus on ensuring positive outcomes for both moms and newborn children, as well as educating them and their families on the best care for their child.

Certified Registered Nurse Anethesiast

A certified registered nurse anethesiast is a key part of any medical team and serves as advanced nurses who provide anesthetics to patients in a wide variety of settings. They are commonly needed in surgeries or other medical procedures. As a nurse enthusiast, you will work with patients on pain management and anesthesia-related care both before and after a surgical procedure.

Final Note

As the demand for skilled nurses grows each and every year, more and more nurses are getting their advanced nursing degrees online. With an advanced nursing degree, you will be able to find a high paying career and will have the freedom to work in a wide variety of healthcare settings. Getting your degree online can also give you the flexibility to continue working as you increase your skills. There has never been a better time for nurses to go back to school and get their advanced nursing degree online.

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