Sedans, Why Prices Continue To Fall

New sedans are now more affordable than ever before. Thanks to a massive surplus of 2018 model year inventory, automakers are now forced to sell quickly to clear space for the 2019 models. 

Since the year ends soon, many manufacturers have no choice but to sell brand new sedans at near cost. Chances are, a dealership looking to sell as fast as possible is right next to you, giving you great pricing and in some cases, financial incentives or cash back.

But how can you be sure you are getting the lowest price possible on a new car? Research it online in advance. We set out to find the best sedan deals in America, and this is what we came up with.

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Since automakers want to sell as many cars as possible adn not run out of inventory, every single dealership in America plays a guessing game to forecast demand at the end of the model year. Fortunately for you they always pad that number a bit which leaves them with a handful of cars thay they will need to move quick. 

Sedans have always offered comfort and convenience to the families that have owned them. Automakers have recognized this and have equipped their sedans to come with features such as a leather interior, climate control, and premium sound systems.

Almost all sedans from 2018 will come standard with state of the art features such as a large infotainment system and even automatic parallel parking! To attract consumers, automakers have made many features that were once additional options standard equipment on most sedans.

How to SAVE BIG on a Sedan Today

Thanks to some major shifts in the marketplace listed below, you are now presented with an incredible opportunity to get into the car of your dreams at a price that has never been offered before.

  • Consumers have shifted from large SUVs to highly equipped, efficient, and affordable sedans
  • The close of the 2018 model year leaves many dealers looking for space for new cars
  • Leases are being returned at record rates. Thousands of dealerships are stuck with lightly used cars that have very low mileage.

The 3 shifts listed above have come together to make the perfect storm. Now, consumers can get the latest sedans at some of the lowest prices in history.

Here are some examples that may be available in your area:

You can get a reliable and efficient 2018 Kia Rio with 0% financing for 60 months! Your payments will only be $232 per month. (1)

If you want something more luxurious, you can get yourself into an Acura RDX for just $379/mo! (2)

How to Get into a New Sedan Today

Even though these prices are the lowest they have ever been, you should still spend some time to search for the best deals online. Thankfully, our team has found the best sedan deals in your area right below!

It’s vital that you research your next car online because these prices are not advertised anywhere else!

How to Start Searching

If you have been waiting for years to find a new sedan you can actually afford, now is the time!

These prices may not be here tomorrow, so if you think a new Car at the BEST PRICE is in your future, it’s essential you start your search today!

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