Why Telehealth Is The Better Healthcare Choice

As we begin to spend more time at home, many Americans are wondering how they can get the healthcare they need without having to visit their doctor’s office in person. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can get all of the medical attention you need with telehealth. Telehealth allows you to meet with your doctor or specialist online from the comfort of your home, without risking your health to go to the doctor’s office.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, sometimes referred to as telemedicine, is a way for patients to meet with their doctors online, either from their computer or on their mobile phone. With telehealth, you will be able to video chat with your doctor and have your appointment just as you would in a normal doctor’s office visit.

A telehealth doctor’s appointment is just like any other doctor’s appointment. You will be able to speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have related to your health and also get the advice you need. Your doctor will also be able to provide you with any prescriptions for medications you may require.

With recent recommendations from the government to stay at home as much as possible, meeting with your doctor through a telehealth appointment is a safer option than traveling to an office. Typically with telehealth, high-resolution cameras, audio links, and video scopes are used to help provide consultations and exams. Many healthcare providers will send you the necessary equipment. In most cases, however, you will only need a computer with a webcam or a smartphone with a camera.

The Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth Reduces Your Healthcare Costs

Telehealth can increase the efficiency of your healthcare needs, reduce the costs associated with your transportation, and can even help keep patients out of the hospital. In fact, a study has found that telemedicine care had a 19% savings over typical inpatient care costs. (1) Telehealth is also great for taking any preventative measures. For example, by keeping up with your doctor through telehealth, you may be able to avoid any expensive hospital visits that can come from a lack of care.

Virtual appointments and monitoring will significantly reduce your healthcare costs. Additionally, with telehealth, you may not be required to take time off work. Since you won’t need to drive to your local doctors office, you can have your doctor’s appointment during your lunch break. With telehealth, you also won’t need to worry about finding child or elderly care while you are away.

Get Increased Access to Specialists

If you have a chronic condition that needs attention from a specialist, you may understand how hard it can be to find an appointment with an experienced specialist in your area. If you are a patient with a certain health condition, telemedicine can give you affordable and convenient access to appointments. For instance, if you have a rare condition and are in need of an appointment with a specialist doctor in another part of the state or country, telemedicine can help make your appointment possible. You won’t be required to make a long-distance drive or even a flight to see your doctor.

Many patients can also expect better outcomes because they may be able to receive faster access through specialists who can apply a higher standard of care.

Less Chance of Getting Sick

Where could you expect to find a lot of sick people? At your local doctor’s office of course. While healthcare workers do their best to help prevent the spread of disease and illnesses, it is always possible to be exposed to a sick person at a doctor’s office and get sick yourself, especially in crowded waiting rooms. When you stay home, you avoid the risk of exposure to illnesses while still getting the healthcare you need.

Telehealth Convenience

Telehealth is also much more convenient than going to your doctor’s office for a regular appointment or check-up. With telehealth, you can meet with your doctor from anywhere in the world from your computer or mobile device. Telehealth can help minimize the burden of distance between patients and healthcare providers.

Final Note

Telehealth has benefits for both doctors and patients. Thanks to technology, its easier than ever to get the healthcare you need from the comfort of your own home. With telehealth, you may also be able to save money through reduced healthcare costs and transportation costs. With telehealth, getting the high-quality healthcare you need is just a phone call away.

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